Hello Footnotes

Today, I added the ability to make footnotes in this blog.1 I'll definitely be using this feature in future posts! In most of my writings thus far, I often feel the need to provide supplementary information, or cite where I got something. Usually, I'll just put that stuff in parentheses. But now, I can use fancy Markdown syntax!

Since this blog is made with 11ty (see this post), I use the markdown-it to compile my Markdown files into HTML. They have an official plugin called markdown-it-footnote that extends the syntax, allowing for footnotes. You can read about it in their GitHub repository!

You can view my implementation here. I made a few adjustments to the default behavior. Fortunately, markdown-it makes it really easy to extend/change the compiler, so it wasn't too much trouble! Anyway, that's it for this post. I'm excited to use this new feature, and I think it'll be a really useful addition to this blog!

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